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Railroad transportation is one of the main modes of transportation in international trade transportation, second only to maritime transportation in international trade. It is also one of the main businesses of direct international logistics, and its biggest advantages are larger volume, faster speed, significantly smaller transport risks than ocean transport, and the ability to maintain punctual operation all year round.


Higher volume, faster speed, significantly less risky transportation than ocean transportation, and the ability to maintain on-time operations year-round

Operation process
    • Confirm the commission and provide information about the goods

      (1) Detailed information of cargo shipment (Chinese and English name, HS Code, number of packing pieces, net weight, gross weight, for single overweight cargo need to provide packing scheme)

      (2) Confirmation of the need for services such as trailer or domestic railroad connection at the place of origin.

    • Loading cabinet and loading cabinet photo collection

      (1) A total of 8 photos need to be provided to provide empty boxes, loaded one-half, loaded three-quarters, fully loaded, half-closed, fully closed, lock number close-up, etc. respectively.

      (2) The cargo in the container must be balanced loaded and fixed firmly, if there is a partial weight, it may produce reloading, not only additional costs, but also may delay the transportation schedule.

    • Customs clearance and inspection

      (1) Pre-recorded customs declaration, trade contract (seal), invoice, packing list, customs declaration power of attorney (seal)

      (2) Legal inspection of goods need to provide legal inspection of goods customs clearance, production and sales units and business license of the consignee or consignor, a copy of the customs registration certificate.

      (3) All customs declaration documents and information need to fill in the box number, the invoice amount is consistent with the declared amount, and the gross weight and number of pieces of goods need to be consistent with the declared customs.

      (4) Before shipment, confirm with the consignee in advance whether the goods need other documents (and whether they need the original), such as health certificate, plant inspection certificate, certificate of origin, import license, etc. in the port of transit and customs clearance at the destination.

    • Cargo arrives at the originating terminal

      Cargo into the station, the driver needs to bring into the warehouse, return the container list, weighing list, loading list (all information need to be original and stamped) cargo into the station need to drive 4 days before the completion.

    • Customs clearance
    • Departure
    • Production of transport bill of lading

      After the international departure, we make the bill of lading according to the box number, seal number and other information.

    • Cargo arrival at destination port & customs clearance
    • Return the container to the destination port after release

      The consignee of the destination port returns the container to the designated yard with the ATB document and the pick-up code.

  • Q

    What is Dlink Global?


    Dlink Global is headquartered in Shenzhen and has branch offices in Hong Kong, Changsha, Shanghai, and Los Angeles. It is a first-tier international freight forwarding company that has specialized in international logistics and transportation for over 20 years. Dlink Global holds qualifications such as IATA/CATA/WCA/NVOCC and can handle various services, including international airfreight, container shipping, LCL (Less than Container Load) shipping, breakbulk cargo transport, chartering, warehousing, delivery, customs brokerage, inspection declaration, freight collection, insurance, and more.

  • Q

    What are the advantageous service and routes of Dlink Global?


    Advantages service: Starting from China/Hong Kong, Dlink Global offers airfreight services with routes covering Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa, and other regions.

    Specialized Routes: Exclusive chartering services for nationwide distribution in Russia, making Dlink Global the earliest Chinese chartering company for Russia.

    Project-Specific Routes: Specialized transport solutions for electronic cigarettes and vape oil, serving as one of the first carriers for electronic cigarette shipments in China.

    Specialized Solutions: Dlink Global provides professional transport solutions for medical equipment, instruments, electronic products, reagents, oversized cargo, and more.

  • Q

    Are there any restrictions on products for international air transportation?


    Airfreight cargo is categorized into general goods, products with batteries, perishables, pharmaceuticals, dangerous goods, and other categories. The specific requirements for cargo type and packaging are determined based on the airline, aircraft type, departure and destination ports.

  • Q

    How is the security of goods ensured?


    Dlink Global offers professional transport solutions and conducts rigorous inspections of the external packaging of goods at every operational stage to ensure its stability. For high-value items, the company assists customers in purchasing comprehensive insurance coverage to protect their interests. In the event of damaged or lost goods, Dlink Global will assist customers in filing the necessary claims.

  • Q

    What is the transportation timeframe?


    With over 20 years of experience, Dlink Global has accumulated mature expertise in transportation routes, operational processes, and service efficiency. The company offers a variety of transportation solutions tailored to the specific timing requirements of different customers, ensuring that they meet customer needs across multiple dimensions, including solutions, pricing, timing, and service.


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