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Strong cooperation, multi-frequency direct EK routes to meet your needs!

Publish Time: 2023-02-16 Views: 79

Talk about EK, a household name!

EK, Emirates Airline.

EK, one of the few airlines in the world with a clean slate of large aircraft.

EK, winner of the Global ****** Airline Award from British Travel Services.

Speaking of DLINK, it's well known!

DLINK, Direct to International Logistics

DLINK, a comprehensive international logistics service company.

DLINK, dedicated to providing you with warm logistics services!

When it comes to EK & DLINK, no one is unaware of them!

They have been cooperating strongly for some years now.

It is not uncommon to seeDlink international EK routes bursting at the seams.

Especially the routes to the Middle East and Europe ...... are very popular!

As always, Dlink International reigns supreme with warm service.

Two main reasons to favor Dlink International's EK routes.

Reason one: the frequency of flights is intensive

Dlink International Logistics' EK routes are dense, with 20 passenger and 20 cargo flights a week. High frequency flights to meet the timeliness of your cargo transportation, say go, say transport!

Reason 2: Basic wide-body aircraft

The EK route of Dlink international logistics basically arranges wide-body aircraft, which can properly meet your cargo carrying capacity.



In addition, the guarantee of warehouse space, the price advantage ...... is also the reason why you choose Dlink International Logistics. In addition to EK, Dlink International Logistics cooperates with other airlines such as CX, RU, KE, EY, CI, BR, CA, MU and JD. With high frequency and multiple routes, Dlink Logistics can provide the best resources to meet the logistics needs of our customers. Dlink International Logistics is committed to providing you with warm logistics services!

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