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Let's go again! Dlink International Logistics was invited to attend the 8th Annual Conquerors Cargo Network (CQR) Conference

Publish Time: 2023-02-16 Views: 62

The 8th annual conference of Conqueror (CQR) was recently held in Phuket, Thailand. The annual CQR conference is one of the most influential and high profile conferences in the global logistics industry. It aims to provide an opportunity for global partners to meet face-to-face and develop mutually beneficial business relationships through the CQR platform. As a representative of this conference, Dlink International Logistics was invited and attended the conference.

The conference kicked off with a relaxed and free cocktail reception. Our partners from Dlink International attended in full costume and had a great conversation with the representatives of other global freight forwarders. Of course, this also laid a good foundation for the business meetings that followed.

In the business meeting, the partners of Dlink International discussed the daily service items (international air transportation, container shipping, bulk cargo consolidation ......) and the future development plan of Dlink International with other participants, and discussed the future development direction of the international logistics industry, exchanged the demands of the domestic and overseas logistics markets, and jointly Seeking a win-win cooperation.

Conqueror Freight Network (CQR) is the only recognized quality independent freight forwarding network in the industry, recognized and certified by ELITE Association Logistics Network (ELITE). Its members are located in 262 cities in 143 countries around the world. The organization brings together quality freight forwarders in every major city, working closely with each other to expand their reach, reduce costs and risks, and enable them to compete on a more equal footing with the largest international companies.

Through this exchange with other freight forwarders, the concept of providing warm logistics services by Dlink International Logistics has been highly recognized by its peers, and it is even more determined that the future development direction of Dlink International is to deeply understand the needs of customers and provide them with a more convenient, safer and more affordable logistics experience!

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