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Dlink must reach - those warm charter services during the epidemic

Publish Time: 2023-02-16 Views: 57

Since the escalation of the New Crown Pneumonia crisis, the partners of Dlink International Logistics have been working tirelessly to initiate contingency plans such as charter flights and charter boards, and quickly set up charter capacity groups, overseas groups, customer service groups, and operation groups to solve each key node problem such as inland transportation, charter coordination, and customs services one by one, and implement all details of the charter transportation plan in just a few days to maintain the normal operation of the supply chain. Challenging conditions and ever-changing terms led to a tense situation during this difficult time. Despite the challenging situation, with an experienced team and a dense global network, Dlink International Logistics successfully handled every charter service on the Poland, Russia, London and Sydney routes!


1、Shanghai - Poland

At the beginning of April, Poland purchased a large amount of materials in China, which were successfully transported to the destination by Dlink International Logistics through the whole docking arrangement. This is the first charter flight of Direct International Logistics, which officially opened the charter service of DLINK.

In handling bulk cargo charter flights, the partners of Dlink Logistics are experienced. From receiving orders, shipping, contacting multiple parties and arranging data, documents and qualification checks, the partners handled every detail with ease, ensuring the smooth arrival of the bulk cargo in Poland intact!


2、Nanjing - Moscow

On the evening of April 20, DLINK's first charter flight to Moscow (F7) successfully departed! It was raining in Nanjing late at night, and in the drizzle Effi Air successfully arrived at Nanjing airport. The partners of DLINK International braved the wind and rain, and stood ready for the cargo to be boarded up in the afternoon, and the plane was quickly prepared for loading after landing.

The flight was loaded with 171 parties, 40 tickets and 31 tons of cargo. ...... Although there were twists and turns in the process, the Russian Ministry of Transport originally did not allow passenger aircraft to carry cargo in the passenger cabin, but Effi Air tried its best to get the permission to carry cargo at the last minute, thus allowing the cargo to be loaded smoothly according to the scheduled plan, and finally all of them were released and set sail, allowing Direct International Logistics to create a This allowed Direct International Logistics to set a record for a 330 passenger-to-cargo flight!

Up to now, Dlink International Logistics has cooperated with (F7) to operate 7 charter flights in Russia, and has accumulated rich experience in charter flights.


3、Shenzhen - Moscow

At 9:33 am on May 12, the chartered RU flight (Shenzhen-Moscow) of Dlink International Logistics Associates took off smoothly! In order to better complete the charter service, our partners have been preparing for the docking at the airport since the evening of the 11th, finally waiting for the 747-800F at 7:36 am on the 12th, and with the full assistance of RU&ICCS and logistics staff, the flight took off smoothly.


4、Hong Kong - London

In May September, DLINK&VS charter flight VS207 HKG (Hong Kong) - LHR (London), this charter flight has 26 tickets/32. 5 tons/138cbm, including masks and other epidemic prevention materials, the delivery of cargo was completed in the shortest time, and all took off smoothly at 23:32 that night!

DLINK has been working on the London route since the epidemic, and has operated 4 charter flights on the London route since the epidemic. At a time when the airline industry in Europe and the United States is recovering and the demand for routes is gradually increasing, DLINK keeps exploring the market and increasing routes, just to give you more comprehensive logistics services!


5、Shenzhen - Sydney

On May 29th, another charter flight of Dlink International Logistics took off, this time it was the A333 passenger to cargo flight from Shenzhen to Sydney operated by China Southern Airlines.

It only takes nine hours from Shenzhen to Sydney. But there are countless people in the middle from the consignor to the consignee who are paying silently. Manufacturers, sales, operations, finance, trucks, warehouses, airlines, cargo stations, ground, customs, overseas agents ...... are all working together and pursuing details in order to make things perfect and make each of our cargoes reach our customers smoothly.

Behind each trip of the charter, there are actually a lot of hardship and warm each other's stories, and it is the stories that happen, so that we trust each other more, thanks to all! We will continue to work hard, keep our original intention and live up to the trust!


Since the outbreak of the global epidemic, Dlink International Logistics has effectively broken through the tight capacity of the market, fully promoted the normal operation of the charter business, continued to deepen the "marketing-driven" strategy, and strived to find a breakthrough and open up channels, creating more channels for the export of epidemic prevention materials by air in the future and adding more choices for customers.

In the future, Dlink International Logistics will continue to do our best to meet the needs of global customers and ensure the safety of the global supply chain. We are experienced in operating charter flights and work closely with many airlines. In addition to Poland, Russia, UK and Australia, we also provide charter services to South America, the Middle East, South Africa, Europe and the United States, welcome to inquire!

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