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Desperately work desperately play!

Publish Time: 2023-02-16 Views: 71

The annual C5C conference was held in Munich, Germany, as scheduled. Our partners from Dlink International Logistics were invited to attend the conference. The four-day program was full of serious meetings and fun outdoor activities, which were very fruitful for our partners.

During the one-on-one meetings, our partners exchanged ideas with their counterparts from different countries and regions, and discussed the problems encountered in daily logistics cooperation, and through communication and exchange, the future direction of cooperation was made clearer. Through communication and exchange, the future direction of cooperation will be clearer.



After the intense talks, there was a relaxed celebration. At the beer banquet, our partners met with old and new friends, catching up with old friends and chatting with new friends, which will bring them closer to each other and is believed to be more beneficial for future communication and exchange in work.



After that, we visited the snowy mountains in Munich and the Whisky factory. ...... Dlink International Logistics' partners shed their usual working conditions and enjoyed themselves in the embrace of nature. Rolling mountains, neat fir trees, a scene of green decompression into the eyes, a magnificent scenery of nature!

Work hard, play hard. The C5C trip, the Dlink international partners benefited a lot from the close communication to deepen the tacit understanding of each other, and the cheerful roaming to promote mutual friendship. It is believed that through the docking and exchange of this meeting, Dlink International Logistics will go wider on the road of direct route development in the future. Forging ahead, the future of Dlink International Logistics will be even better!

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